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Scrivener is a great writing tool and our program, myWordCount, now counts words and phrases with both the Windows and Mac version of Scrivener. Check it out by clicking on the link above!
Lower your Flesch-Kincaid grade score

myWordCount makes it easy to find and graph the Flesch-Kincaid score of each sentence in your document. Then, just click the colored bar chart to go to the sentences with the highest Flesch-Kincaid score to simplify them. It is writing software that makes your proofreading job easier.

myWriterTools writing software has been verified to be free of viruses.

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myWriterTools Writing Software

myWordCount Program
Eliminate repetitive words and phrases, and find those long
and difficult sentences that make your writing hard to read
I am a full-time author, instructor, editor, and publisher, and I would not think of going to press without running any manuscript through myWordCount. The program helps uncover those unconscious habits such as overusing certain words, relying on adverbs rather than strong verbs, and so much more. It is a product I recommend to all my students and clients and one I feature in my editing workshops.
- Patricia Charpentier, award-winning author
Wow this tool is fantastic. I have a 550 page book that I'm analyzing for word counts, but more importantly for phrase counts. myWordCount eats this book in seconds and gives me the results. Fantastic!!
- D Galloway, Vancouver, BC
The program itself i'd recommend to any writer or editor, and i'm amazed you can keep the price so low. It pays for itself in time and proofreading costs with one publication.
- P Hulm
myWordCount is indispensable to me. It has all sorts of tools I feel Microsoft Word should come with. It is priced better than any competitors, and its value far exceeds that cost. Its functionality is better executed than any of the competitors I tried.

- A Gerber very will be up and running in minutes. myWordCount can be used to collect and compare readability and other statistics, but can also be used to drill deeply within a document and compare phrases, word counts, occurrences, and several other measurements.

- D. Dorrell, in Financial Forensics Body of Knowledge

New Version 3 runs on Windows and Mac

We have just improved our versatile word and phrase counting tool with lots of new features. This writing tool is a standalone program that analyzes your Word document, text file, or Scrivener project for character, word, phrase, and sentence usage. It produces sortable tables of counts for all words and phrases, and graphs sentence length. It can analyze each sentence and assign a grade level difficulty, or help you find your long and hard-to-read sentences. Fine tune your writing and find overused words and phrases. myWordCount now runs on your Mac as well as Windows!

New features include:

  • Flesch-Kincaid grade level analysis: myWordCount analyzes every sentence and assigns a Flesch-Kincaid grade level to each sentence to make it easy to spot your difficult sentences.
  • Character counting: Count the number of occurrences of every character in your document. Use this character frequency table to find special characters or analyze character usage.
  • Group words by their stem or root: The Count Words function now gives you the option to group similar words together based on their root or 'stem' using stemming and lemmatization algorithms.
  • Find adverbs ending in ly: Writers often overuse words made into adverbs by adding 'ly' at the end. myWordCount finds these ly adverbs for you. Don't let too many ly adverbs spoil your novel.
  • Scrivener file support: The program can read Scrivener project files and analyze their content. It supports both Windows Scrivener and Mac Scrivener files.
  • Mac support!: Our new version now supports the Macintosh computer and all OS versions from 10.5 Leopard and later. Now you can make your character frequency, word frequency, and phrase frequency charts from your Mac documents.
  • FAST!!! We sped up most of the program functions by a significant amount. We compared our previous version (2.03) to this new version by opening a 430-page novel and running some of our count routines on the text. The results were eye-opening (I know...why didn't we do this before?) You can see these times by click on the More Info link below. You won't find a faster word and phrase counting software package on the market.

More Info
Learn more about how myWordCount can help you and how to buy it.
Windows and Mac versions available.



Software for writers, editors and proofreaders
"I wish I'd owned MyWriter Tools before I sent off the 3rd edition of Common Errors in Statistics to Wiley.  They have their own copyeditors of course, but this program would have cut their work in half. I plan to use DocScrubber on all new submissions from now on."
- P. Good (author of 17 text and trade books and 21 novels)
"I think myWriterTools is a well-rounded and powerful set of tools that can help you polish your work. I give it a 4 out of 5 stars..."
"myWriterTools promises a lot and, for the most part, it delivers. myWriterTools is fundamentally a very helpful tool for writers, editors, and proofreaders. Much cheaper than its main competitors, the software is also excellent value."
-Write Better English website
"A Brilliant Tool...For the modest price, itís one of the most valuable tools I have ever come across. Take a look - I fully recommend it."
-Justin Arnold's The Mightier Pen's Blog
"I've spent quite some time using this piece of software and I have to say that this has to be one of the best pieces of software for writers I have ever reviewed. "
-Dawn Copeman,
"Overall, I was impressed with myWriterTools. If you're looking for help bringing your writing up to the highest possible standard - and you use Word, of course - myWriterTools is well worth the modest price being asked."

Use your tools -- don't let your tools use you!

We offer software add-ins to Microsoft Word (Windows) that turn it into a powerful tool for writers, editors and proofreaders. Accomplish tasks that were previously either impossible or incredibly time-consuming. Once installed, these programs are instantly accessible from the myWriterTools toolbar in Word. Sorry Mac users - we don't have a Mac version of this software yet, just Windows.

Our software targets two types of writing tasks:

  • Writing. Our basic myWriterTools program helps writers produce and clean up their documents. It helps you fix common formatting problems, find and replace improperly used words, make your documents gender neutral, access a complete style guide to answer questions on grammar and style, and makes backup a cinch.

  • Editing/Proofreading. Our Editor's Edition is perfect for authors, copy-editors, and proofreaders. No more manually keeping track of the important plot elements and queries to the author. You can easily add words and phrases to the computerized stylesheet, and then print a copy to accompany the edited document.

Our goal is to make your document easy-to-read and grammatically correct. Plain language is a goal of many government and industry groups. See more information on writing in plain language on our Plain Language page.


Want to improve your writing, whether it be books, articles, blogs or papers?

The basic product includes a number of easy-to-use tools that find mistakes missed by Word's spelling and grammar checking. It installs as a toolbar at the top of your document. You can edit all of the lists so you can personalize the program to fit your experience and requirements.

The program comes with a complete writer's reference library to help you get the answers to your grammar and style questions as you are writing. Then use the easy-to-use tools to find and correct any mistakes. It contains a list of commonly misused words with their definitions to ensure you select the proper word every time. There is a built-in style guide that gives you grammar and punctuation guidelines from The Chicago Manual of Style.

You stay in control of this tool. It does not offer advice that is often wrong or not needed. It gives you recommendations when it finds problems and you control what words and phrases it looks for. The entire database is editable by the user--you can even add your pet peeves.

The tools include:
  • Lighten Up. Find and fix long words and sentences. See more information about document readability statistics and how to improve your document's readability.

  • FormatFixer. Automatically fix common formatting problems.

  • lyRemover. Easily find and change unnecessary adverbs ending in -ly.

  • WordFlipper. Find commonly misused words and fix them.

  • JargonBuster. Find and fix commonly misused words and jargon.

  • Style guide. Access style guide tips for all grammar and style categories. There is a standard guide and a guide based on The Chicago Manual of Style.

  • U.S. to U. K. conversion. Change U.S. spelling and usage to U.K. spelling and usage, and vice versa. See description of U.S./U.K. differences.

  • ClichéCleaver. Find and change overused clichés.

  • GenderBender. Find and replace sexist language to make your documents gender neutral. See more information about running GenderBender.

  • Reference Library. A writing library that includes Strunk’s The Elements of Style, an English Grammar guide and a complete Style Guide.

  • Glossary. A searchable glossary of common writing and editing terms. See the glossary now.

OTHER COOL STUFF See details of these features.

  • Reference Websites. One-button access to useful writing websites.

  • Backup. Easy backup that time stamps backup file with your comments. This will also take your large document and create separate files for each chapter in your book.

  • Easy-to-use Bookmarks. Add multiple visible bookmarks.

  • Place Saver. Save your place each time you close a document.

  • Page Format Menu. Quick access to common page layout views.

  • Document Info: page size and margins, document readability statistics. can edit, delete or add your own entries to all of the lists.

More Info
Learn more about how this program
can help you and how to buy it.

myWriterTools for Windows only
Requires MS Word 2000 or later - 32-bit only

Available as software download only


myWriterTools Plus-Editor's Edition

The perfect tool for authors, copyeditors and proofreaders

This product includes all of the tools listed above in the basic myWriterTools, plus additional tools designed for the specific task of working on a manuscript that will be formally edited and proofread. The extra tools show up on the same toolbar and are just as easy to access.

This added functionality lets you track and print individual style sheets for each document. No more manually keeping track of unique words or queries to the author. Your comments are kept in a separate database and can be displayed in a pop-up window, or printed with your style sheet with page and line references.

myWriterTools Plus-Editor's Edition adds powerful features including:
  • Author Query. Add, modify and print questions for the author.

  • Format Tags. Easily add format tags if your printer requires them.

  • Quick Notes. An easy-to-use notepad for each document.

  • Style Sheet. Easily add information to the stylesheet made for each document. There are 10 separate sections, including Character Names, Locations, References Used, and Foreign Words.

  • Checklists. Complete checklists for all steps of the writing and editing.

  • Print. Print a complete style sheet.

More Info
Learn more about how this program
can help you and how to buy it.
myWriterTools Plus-Editor's Edition
Windows only
Requires MS Word 2000 or later - 32-bit only

Software download only

Some Advantages of myWriterTools for experienced writers and editors

myWriterTools helps writers and editors of all levels of expertise, including beginners. It is designed to also be useful for those with more experience since the rules and word lists are displayed and customizable. These benefits include:

1. You can see each recommended change before it is made and can choose to accept or reject the change.

2. All rules and word lists are viewable and editable. You can remove words you don't wish corrected, add new substitutions, or add your own list of words. You may have words specific to your industry or genre of writing--now you can check for those.

3. You can choose to run only the tools you need for each document.

4. If desired, you can use Word's 'Track Changes' feature to keep track of all the changes that myWriterTools makes. Authors can see all the changes made to the document.


"Overall, it seems like myWriterTools is a strong addition to the copy editor or
proofreader's tool kit..." -- Emily Lawless, Editor, Infinity Publishing


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Concentrate on
your plot!

Use myWriterTools writing software to help your proofreading to find and fix common grammar and style problems so you can focus on your writing. The built-in style guide will answer all your questions. myWordCount counts words and phrases to help you find overused items, and highlights long sentences and sentences with high Flesch-Kincaid scores that make your writing harder to understand.

Editing or Proofreading?

Make your job easier!!
myWriterTools writing software helps you find and fix common problems as well as produce a professional stylesheet that can accompany your editing changes and remarks. Need help? You can quickly access guidelines from The Chicago Manual of Style. Make your proofreading job easier.

Use myWordCount to count words and phrases and color-code them to help you find overused items. It also tracks the Flesch-Kincaid score and length of each sentence to let you quickly identify hard-to-read sentences.

Improve your writing!
Don't be a bonehead and turn in papers with obvious errors. Use myWriterTools writing software to find and fix those grammar and usage mistakes that Word spellchecking misses. And highlighting the Flesch-Kincaid score for each sentence makes it easier to find those hard-to-read sentences.

Be Gender-Neutral
Remove Sexist Language!
Perfect for manuals and documents that must be gender neutral. This is required for many government publications. Use myWriterTools GenderBender to find and fix improper gender language. More information about running GenderBender to make your writing gender neutral.

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